Calendar Manual

The calendar is from and for everybody! Have suggestions? We'd also like to invite you for editing.

Add to Your calendar

The most practical of course, is to have the current swing dancing calendar always at hand on the phone! So the calendars are made with Google Calendar . You need a Google Account to properly link it to your own calendar.

The simplest method:

On the bottom right, press the Plus + button :

You'll be forwarded to Google and can confirm the addition there.

Note the iphone-tipps

Additional method: On the desktop:

If you have logged into the Google Calendar page with a desktop browser (not on the phone or tablet), you see in the list on the left Add a friend's calendar. Directly in this field or at the + and then From URL you can enter a calendar address. (This does not seem to be possible directly in the calendar app or on the mobile tho!)

Simply hit the "Copy-To-Clipboard"-button on the right or select an address (triple-click), copy (Ctrl + C) and paste (Ctrl + V):
RheinMain Swing Social Time :  
On the iPhone

Also for properly viewing on the iPhone you won't get around a Google account. You also need to login to Google Calendar and add the appropriate calendar. Then you can add the Google account in iCal ( )

Important is that you visit the syncselect page and check the appropriate calendars!

Edit it yourself

Of course we need active, attentive and responsible staff to keep the calendars fresh! Unfortunately, there is no automatic method yet. If you are interested, please send your Google mail address to one of us on Facebook: Silja, Uli or Eric and we will add you to the list of authors.


If you want to be notified directly whenever changes to the calendar take place you can have Emails sent! The settings for that can be reached via the -button on the corresponding calendar entry on the desktop calendar page: Settings and sharing and then scroll down a bit. There is General notifications. There are options for New events and Changed Events.

Remove Calendar

Hiding it is good, just if you want to get rid of the calendar completely, the options are somewhat hidden. Therefore, here very briefly: If you logged in with your Google account, you can go to Settings on the Calendar page at the top right of the gear. There is a tab "Calendar" on the left. In this, all subscribed calendars are listed and you can right-click on "Unsubscribe".